Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding colors

I've always loved brown as opposed to black, maybe architecture school had too many people obsessed with wearing black and I rebelled. I think it's highly likely, some of the profs literally only wear black, it's quite uniform-like. So, I've always loved brown and really bold earth-toned color combos, as evidenced by the quilt I made for my bed. (Momma Moonbeam helped, and it was a Mr. Moonbeam christmas gift one year, I was so happy when we moved in together and it got to be on our bed.)

Luckily, this is perfect for my fall wedding. My main colors will be a dark purple color, mustard yellow and faded tiffany blue. There will be accents of dark brown, really deep teal, pumpkin, copper, an earthy chartreuse and the gray of Mr. Moonbeam's suit.Anyone who knows me in my normal life, knows that these colors are kind of heavily involved in my wardrobe, home, everything. For instance, I have orange dining room chairs. I'm really happy that our fall wedding is allowing me to really go for colors that I love all year round.

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  1. love your colors! and love how you expanded to colors that fit your life and not just 2 hues.