Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Need for Closed-toe Shoes

Long story short; I ran a half marathon at the end of June and now I'm missing half my right big-toenail and half of the left big-toenail is still bruised. When I ran a full marathon my feet were fine, but something about this half just ruined my toenails. And the bummer is that it's taken 2.5 months for the nails to almost get halfway there, and I don't really have a full 2.5 months left.

Which leads me to my need for closed-toe shoes. And since Mr. Moonbeam slouches, I'll have to wear flats too. (Don't worry other tall brides I'm rocking some heels at the rehearsal) Closed-toe probably makes sense for my fall wedding, but I'm kinda bummed to be forced to limit my shoe options and at some point I might want to take them off, even if they are flats. Boo to ugly bridal toes! But YAY to fun bridal shoes, maybe I'll thrive under the constraints of my search.

These are fun, and I like the color, but they may not be snazzy enough for the big day.

These would make quite a rockin' something blue (which I don't have yet).

And then there are these two pairs, the purple's good, but...

This blue might be perfect! I do have fears about online shoe shopping though, with size 10's I just can't hit the order button, this might be a first.


  1. the last pair is so pretty! and i love the idea of a somthing blue being your shoes. hope they fit perfectly!

  2. Yay for the half marathon. Boo for the toes! Love the last two. Very very cute! Look super comfy too.