Monday, September 21, 2009

Finished Invitations!

They all went out in the mail Saturday, and it's such a great weight off my shoulders.

For our names, I used the Ornatique font, for the invite text I used Harrington and for the address labels, I used Belshaw. All fonts are from abstract fonts. The flowers were drawn with gel pens and markers, and the stitching was done on muslin and then both images were scanned in and merged together in Photoshop. The RSVP ornate frame is a brush from brushking, I think it was this brush set. And the RSVP card used that background from Bittbox that I liked.

Mr. Moonbeam even got in on the action. He helped wrap the trace paper belly bands and attached some address labels.

Look at that intensity!

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  1. your invitations turned out amazing!! i am still blown away by your colors and how well they go together :) really love the flower design and the various colored labels.