Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Cohabitation Rings

We had these made a couple of years ago a few months after we moved in with each other in Seattle. They've got three garnets (we had been together for three years when we got them), each other's first initial and the dents sort of look like tree bark. They kind of reminded us of carving each other's initials in a tree. The insides are engraved with 'exclusive rights'.
Working with Sally at Fancy in Seattle was fantastic and I highly recommend it for anyone in the area. If we were still in Seattle, I wouldn't have even looked on etsy for our rings. But since my office was no longer just a few blocks from her store, I looked at etsy, fell in love with my ring and had to make the tough decision of not going back to Sally. (Don't worry, you can buy stuff online)

Maybe I'll be able to afford some gifts for my 'maids from there, it was always my go-to gift stop when I lived in Seattle.
I'm excited about my November upgrade, but I'd love some ideas on what to do with these rings, because we still love them.

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