Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Paper Flowers

These will be more of a filler for my flower wall. They are quick, easy and made of yellow and white trace paper. There are a bunch of similar tutorials out there on the web and many of you may already be familiar with the process, my only comment is that trace paper is stiffer than tissue paper and you don't need as many layers.

Cut out 6-8 squares of trace, do an accordion fold, wrap and secure wire around the center. Cut a semi-circle at the ends and start fluffing.

For a 6" flower, I use 6 layers and for a 9" flower, I use 8 layers. (I make these a roll of trace paper at a time, so if I've got a few less layers in the last couple of flowers, I just spread out the number of layers.) They are either all white or all yellow, I've tried mixing the colors in one flower and I wouldn't recommend it. They just look stripey.

I also threw a cream-colored crepe paper rose in there, to add some softness and different petal shapes. These take a long time to make, so there probably won't be many of them on the wall. I used this Martha Stewart tutorial. The only comment I have is that she calls for double-sided crepe and that is important if you want the flower to be able to hold itself up. I used single-sided crepe because I wanted a bit of softness and I'll have plenty of other flowers around it to support it. (Apologies for the picture, but it really just flops over when not surrounded by stiffer flowers)I bought my crepe from D. Blumchen & Company and highly recommend them.

I will also be adding in cream colored cardstock flowers, and I'm definitely still experimenting with shapes, especially after seeing these beauties on iDIY.

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