Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some notes on those invites.

Here's some background information on how those invites came to be.

The belly bands are super simple. Take a 20" length of trace paper (I'm using an 18" roll) and pleat it down the center. Sew down the pleats (I used a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch and a hemstitch for some variety). Then take your x-acto and a ruler and cut it into about 1" strips. Then fold around your invites and secure (I used neatly cut strips of masking tape, it's almost the same color as the trace).

The envelopes are from envelopemall. They're a pretty good thickness, but like most things made of kraft paper the flap doesn't stick down as well as other envelopes (good thing I used wraparound labels). I printed the invites on cream colored cardstock and the postcards were printed on plain white PaperSource postcards.
And now on to my absolute favorite Photshop thing. MULTIPLY! Sorry for those of you who already know about this fabulous layer transparency, but I love it. It's great if you've got an image that's got a lot of intricate lines and white space that you want to get rid of and don't mind having the image be transparent (without losing any of the color saturation like with opacity control). For ease of understanding the difference I made the normal white space of the first image grey. With a click of a button, all the extra white space is cleared and you can see some of the fabric texture through the flower image. (This command only clears white space, the gray is just for clarity)

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