Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rejected Invites

One thing about Weddingbee is the ridiculous amount of inspiration. This little double-edged sword really made itself apparent in my invites. I saw so many different things that I liked and was just trying and trying to figure out what to go with. Some of the different resources I used were the Martha Stewart doily images that have made their way onto some of the bee's paper goods, an image of my grandmother's lace, a floral background from bittbox, an ornamental brush set from brushking and the aquiline and civilian fonts from abstract fonts and I used papyrus as well, but I think that's a standard font. I was working with a square format to fit those blank cd case envelopes.

These were all in the rough draft state, but I'll give you some hints and let you know which bits of inspiration made it into the final product.

In the end, there will be purple flowers, textured looking paper (that beloved wood grain paper was too pricey, maybe I'll find a small thing to do with it), trace paper belly bands, kraft paper envelopes (those blank cd cases were also pricey and added to the postage), the floral background and an ornamental brush made the cut. I went with different fonts and I abandoned the square format (you have to pay extra to ship an odd shape, i.e. square.) In the end, they aren't what I originally had in mind, but I love what I've ended up with and will be showing them to you soon. Everything is printed and CUT, I'm just waiting on envelopes to make their way to my mailbox.

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