Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paper Flowers Details

Back in my post a little while back about paper flower walls I mentioned that I had adapted a tutorial to larger size for my purposes. Here are my tips on the subject.
Take a letter sized sheet of cardstock and slice off one end. Use an x-acto to fringe the ends of the smaller sheet of paper and then roll it up and tape it to form the flower center. For the petals fold the larger sheet of paper in half, turn a quarter turn, fold in half again. It will be 4 layers. Cut the loose ends off in the shape of a semi-circle. Fold in half again to make a wedge of 8 layers, cut out a bit of the center and cut the petals into desired shape. Open it up and cut out 1/8th of the circle, leaving a flap to attach to the other petals in a cone shape.
Do a lot of taping at the back to put the center into the cone of petals. Wrap some wire around the center and curl the petals into a pleasing shape. Cut out and fold some leaves to add some texture to the wall.
In the future, I'll probably get some white tape for the back, though it doesn't really matter since the back of these won't be on display.
All Done!

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