Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First Try at a Bouquet.

I loosely followed instructions from The Knot. I used a $5 bouquet of mums from Trader Joe's, I really wish we had those in Texas. Mums have a lot of leaves and small flowers down at the bottom, so you've got to start by stripping all of that away, but keep the little flowers handy.
All stripped, arranged and bound with a hairband and then covered in floral tape.

See, those extra little flowers make a cute rustic arrangement. Just snip them to size and loosely arrange. I used a ceramic measuring cup for the larger arrangement to keep it nice and casual. Keep the stems long until you can see what the perfect height will be in your container.

That same arrangement can be turned into a bouquet, though I would have left the stems longer if I was going to actually need a bouquet anytime soon.

It went kind of nicely with my nightgown. So, I don't know yet, I'm still loving paper and fabric flowers, but man these sure were easy, and at $5/centerpiece or bouquet how can you go wrong. Oh, decisions.


  1. they are so pretty all bunched together, and have the most gorgeous color :) great job!

  2. the nightgown, the flowers, and you are awesome.

  3. Aww thanks anonymous, I mean Mom.