Monday, August 10, 2009

Couples Retreat

When you're getting married in the Catholic church there are often some sort of classes your priest will want you to take. They stress the importance of marriage as a sacrament, being loving to each other and being open to having children. So, we went the 'get it done' route and did the weekend retreat through the Catholic Engaged Encounter of Los Angeles. It is open to non-Catholic couples as well and there are a lot of things taught that apply to any couples. It's a really couple-centered weekend, there aren't any of those group ice-breakers, you're just supposed to spend time with each other and begin or continue discussions on major things in a marriage. We're not terribly religious and probably could have done without some of the 'God is the other partner in your marriage' stuff, but we did get to spend an entire weekend talking to each other about our love and our goals for the future. I'd recommend it, if only to serve as a great reminder about the importance of the actual marriage in all of this frenzy over the wedding.

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  1. we attended one in santa barbara in march. it was very nice to just get away and be together :)