Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Miss Moonbeam

Hello all, I’m so excited to be a new blogger here on the bee. After gathering so much inspiration and advice from the hive, I’m just hoping that someone enjoys my two cents. I’ve chosen the Moonbeam moniker as a nod to my nightowl tendencies that will surely be handy in the near future.

I met Mr. Moonbeam 5 years ago in front of a castle in Tuscany at the beginning of our study abroad trip. I offered him grapes and he tried to play coy for a few weeks, but it clearly didn’t last that long. When we got back home it was me to Austin and he to College Station, so we kept the relationship going with many phone conversations and weekends filled with long drives. After college, I went off to Seattle to start my career in architecture and he stayed in Houston figuring out what to do with an English degree. I was in Seattle for a year before he moved out to be with me. We were in Seattle for 9 months together before he finally decided to go for his dream in LA. He moved out here and I followed about 8 months later. So here we are, getting settled in LA and planning a wedding back home in Texas. I’m very excited to be marrying a patient, kind and caring man with a great sense of humor and a love of tall girls.

At the end of our semester abroad

We’ll be getting married in a small town outside of my hometown (San Antonio). This particular small town is home to the parish of the priest who married my parents and baptized me. He also married and baptized many others in my family so we knew where to turn when we decided to get married. We are then going over to a neighboring town for the reception, which will be a BBQ filled banquet complete with homemade desserts and lots of dancing.

I’m really excited to pull off my biggest party to date. I just want everyone to enjoy themselves, feel welcome and know that they were important to us on our big day.

Here we are in more recent times at Malibu Canyon.


  1. yay! I'm so excited you're miss moonbeam :)
    we just voted on applications, and I definitely love your blog :) :)

  2. congratulations on beecoming a bee :)