Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shower #1

Sorry, I've been out for a while, I'm in Texas and had both of my wedding showers this past weekend. Shower #1 was hosted by Mr. Moonbeam's aunts over in Houston on Saturday. There were mimosas, very yummy food, cake, lovely guests and lots of gifts.

Momma Moonbeam (below on the right) and I drove in from San Antonio that morning, picked up our family friend, Helen (below on the left) , and made our way over to the party (to which I was obviously late.)

I always thought that getting married wouldn't be a big deal (we already functioned as a married couple) and that it was all a bit overrated. But after that first shower I'll have to change my tune. Everyone is so excited for the two of you and telling you lovely things and writing more lovely things in cards. The event gives everyone an excuse to encourage and support you and it's really great. Living in LA hasn't given me tons of opportunities to experience this, but this was my first wedding (the November one) related event and I was surprised to see how much these wonderful feelings took over.

And thanks again to the hostesses (Aunt Dayna, Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Debbie and Aunt Sarah), I truly enjoyed it all.

And after all that we went to a fabric store, found our flower girl fabric, had a quick bite with Helen, dropped her off and then drove back to San Antonio (with rain the whole way) for shower #2.

Thanks to MIL Moonbeam for the pictures.

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  1. hooray for a first shower :) your family is lovely!