Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Month Left

And about a year's worth of stuff to do and all the while, my laptop busted, I've been sick for almost a week, and I even got Mr. MB sick for good measure. Seriously! But one thing is going well. My paper flower wall. I worked on it when I was back in Texas.

I ventured to Home Depot, bought a $13 piece of plywood, one of those $3 sample cans of paint and a $1 foam brush.

I took this all to my Mom's new house, which was thankfully still unfurnished and unpainted. So I could paint inside (where it wasn't rainy, humid or hot) and not worry about spills. (Note, the sample can of paint was not enough to actually coat the piece of plywood, but since I was covering it with a bjillioin flowers, I just thinned it with water and finished the job.)

We fiddled around with making a stand for it similar to a large picture frame, but plywood is heavy and we decided it could just lean against a wall.

I took it into the garage and drilled a bunch of random holes that I thought were 'flower-spaced' apart.

My Grandmother and I had assembled the 100 or so flowers I brought that were cut and folded by me back in California.

Then I 'artfully' put the flowers on the board. (Is there a nice way to say 'put them in the holes'?)

The good news, I don't need 300 more flowers like I had feared. The bad news, I need about 100 more.
One thing I haven't figured out is the back. (I removed all of the flowers after checking my progress for ease of storage) Once you put the wire through and bend it down, it stays really well. I don't know if the back matters, but do any of you have ideas for a quick, easy way to neaten up the back?

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  1. looking good so far!! i really like the different styles and textures of the flowers. super cute and you can use after the wedding too :)