Monday, October 12, 2009

Flowers, part 1

I went to an HEB plus while I was down in Texas. It's like the Super Target of Texas. They have a floral department, so I took a look around and saw these gorgeous wildflower looking bouquets. They had celosia, sunflowers, mums, thistle and some other things. There were oranges, deep pinks, yellows, the brown center of the sunflowers and basically most of my large color palette. There were loads of different texture as well and I was smitten. So I set up an appointment with a lady in their floral department and said I want lots of that (pointing to bouquet) please. And to make things even better the flowers were from a local grower and were in season in October, so I had high hopes that they (or something similar) would be in season in November.
See, I love celosia, it's so pretty, even all by its lonesome.

Well, I got an email later that day, and none of the flowers we had discussed were going to be in season. Turns out that local farm wouldn't be growing anything by then. I was so bummed, I hadn't even known what celosia was, but now I loved it.

What was a bride to do?


  1. those flowers are so warm, vibrant, and have great textures! did the farm offer any alternatives that look similar to what you'd seen already?

  2. No, that farm won't have anything in late November, so I'm working on some more standard flowers, but that celosia will be hard to come by.