Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reception: Part 3

It's speech time.  Momma MB gave a little welcome and thank you to everyone for coming out and then introduced our MOH and Best Man for the speeches.

Sista' MB was up first.  She gets a bit nervous with public speaking, but she had it all planned out and had been memorizing.  I even got to hear a practice run.  I love that she took her role so seriously, and it worked out perfectly.

She started off giving Mr. MB his new title: BBILF (buh-bilf).  Best brother in law forever, stress on the forever part.  Then she gave him a few tips on how to deal with me (his doubly married, super for real wife).  You know, the usual: make sure I'm fed and make sure I get enough sleep.

Photo by Uncle Chris.

She got laughs from us and everyone else.  It was a very appropriate welcome for Mr. MB into our family and Sista' MB was super excited to be done with her most nerve wracking MOH task.

Then it was BIL MB's turn.  His speech was more of the heartfelt variety.  He talked about how caring Mr. MB is and how great it was to see him with somebody that made him happy (that would be me, cough).

Below is my make-a-weird-expression-to-avoid-crying face.  Thanks BIL MB.

Then a hug or two and the speeches were done.

On a side note: we had the toasting flutes that have 'Bride' and 'Groom' written on them.  I noticed in some of the pictures (very magnified) that Mr. MB had the 'Bride' glass and I had the 'Groom' glass. Eh, details.

All photos taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me unless otherwise noted.

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