Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Cake

Now it was time for cake.  I think the general rule is to save this for a little later, because apparently many people think it's the 'end' of the reception.  I didn't really know that, and I just wanted cake, so we cut it.  A few people left earlier because of it, which kind of stinks, but I needed cake.

Photo taken by London 'Maid

My sister and her friend made 'the' cake (chocolate with cream cheese frosting), I made the topper.  I'd just like to mention how in love I was with the homespun look of our cake.  I talked with my sister a few days before the wedding, when on a whim I decided I wanted a 'faded Tiffany blue' cake.  I sketched her something about 2" square and she and her friend made it happen.

Photo taken by London 'Maid

Daddy MB made a couple of the cakes (chocolate pound cake, nameless cake, lemon chiffon cake) and some cookies (snickerdoodles, ginger snaps) with help from Grandma MB.  My Great Uncle made some impossible coconut pies, and my old roomie made a flourless chocolate cake.  

Photo taken by London 'Maid

Mr. MB's family got jam filled kolaches from the small town his Nana and Papaw are from.  (It was a great stop for Mr. MB and his family on their way into San Antonio from Houston, he met some distant relatives, saw the church his grandparents were married in and saw the house his Nana grew up in).  

The groom's cake was made at Haby's Bakery in Castroville, it was  brownie cake with chocolate frosting.  Mr. MB loves films, so he got a movie camera on his cake.

Seriously, it was a great spread, and with my overwhelming love for dessert and all things baked, it was really appropriate.

Then, I decided that right before we cut the cake (and everyone was already standing around watching) was the perfect time to explain to Mr. MB how it was all gonna go down.

Now that we had a plan, It was time to get down to business.

We also cut the Groom's cake for good measure.

Do you notice my face, full of hope and excitement that the piece of cake won't fall on my dress.

Mmm, seriously, it was good, and I tried almost every dessert on that table.  But I did let everyone else dig in.

Hungry yet?

All photos taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me, unless otherwise noted.

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