Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Reception Part 2

The Food!

I'm not going to lie, I didn't put much thought into the food.  For apps we had standard veggie, fruit and cheese trays that were gone before Mr. MB and I even got there, whoops.  And for dinner I knew my budget, my location and the limits of catered food and went for the old Texas standby: BBQ.

Momma MB is from the south side of San Antonio and remembered going to Snoga's when she was younger.  Since our wedding was just outside of southern San Antonio, she knew that was where we'd be getting our food.  Lucky for us, it was unbelievably reasonable, downright cheap.  I think it came out to about $5.50/person for brisket & sausage topped with lovely bbq sauce, potato salad, pinto beans, cole slaw, white bread and iced tea.  Side notes for non-Texans, the cole slaw was vinegar based (immensely preferable to mayo based) and white bread is an absolute must with BBQ.

Photo taken by London 'maid and edited by me

Usually BBQ goes hand in hand with a not-so-great thing: styrofoam.  I didn't want dinner to be served on styrofoam plates, so we ordered compostable plates for dinner, and small little compostable trays for apps and dessert.  Unfortunately, I forgot about the styrofoam cups the tea was being served in.  Well, I tried.  I bought the plates and trays from WorldCentric, an online biocompostables retailer.  They were sturdy, I liked the unbleached color and I thought they were well priced.

Photo taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me

Now, we often hear brides talk about not getting a second to eat, but that was never going to be me.  No one wants to see me hungry in my everyday life, so hunger, plus lack of sleep, plus stress of being 'on' all day meant that eating was necessary if a meltdown was to be avoided.

I personally love how much space my dress takes up. Ladies, keep in mind the fact that you often have to make room for your garment.
Photo taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me

Photo taken by Aunt Annie and edited by me

Oh, and sorry for the short hiatus, I was in the Philippines!

Personal photo

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