Monday, October 4, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Bridal Party Photos

After the ceremony I grabbed my ladies, Mr. Moonbeam grabbed his guys and we walked around the church grounds and took some pictures.

 Sista MB helped me with my dress

 edited by me

 We showed off the flowers

We played it cool

 Then we struck a silly pose, I have no connection to Charlie's Angels, I don't know why we did this, I should've thought some things out.

 We got ready for a jump (edited by me)

 We caught some air (edited by me)

 We smooched (I'm not gonna lie, this felt totally awkward)

For some reason I thought a game of Red Rover was a good idea 

 Don't ask me why, again should have come up with ideas beforehand

I guess Red Rover had it's moments


 Loved this picture so much, you get it twice

 Color edit by me

So suave

 Now for 'the poses'.

All photos taken and edited by John and Whitney Canales unless otherwise noted.

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