Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Reception Part 1

We didn't really do an entrance, there wasn't an announcement or anything.  We just waited until everyone was there and settled (and we'd taken some pictures) and then walked into our reception, hand in hand as
a team.

Photo taken by London 'maid

 We waved 'hello', got some applause and started mingling.

 We ditched our bouquets.

 Checked out our jazz band

 Then I had a mini portrait session when our photographer caught me up by the photobooth. (edited by me)

 What am I supposed to do here? (edited by me)

 (edited by me)

 (edited by me)

 (edited by me)

 And what would a Texas reception hall be without some antlers? (Taken by Uncle Chris)

Up next in reception posts: cake, dancing and speeches.

All photos taken and edited by John and Whitney Canales unless otherwise noted.

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