Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Something Involving an Aisle

So, we were running 30 minutes late (sorry guests), but the time had finally arrived.  All the guests were seated, our guitarist was playing and it was time for the processional.

Grandma Moonbeam started it off with an escort from my cousin.
Up next were Daddy Moonbeam's parents.
Followed by Mr. Moonbeam's Granny, escorted by BIL Moonbeam.
And Mr. Moonbeam's Nana and Papaw.
Then Mr. Moonbeam's parents made their way.
Next, Momma Moonbeam made her way down, escorted by Brother MB.
London 'maid and Groomsman Greg started off the bridal party. 
 Followed by Seattle 'maid and her entourage, Groomsmen John and DW.
 Brother Moonbeam made another appearance, this time escorting Cuz 'maid.
 Our traveling troupe of adorableness came next.  (I never posted about it, but they're carrying wire and wicker baskets with sheer, iridescent ribbon knotted to the top wire)

 Then, Sista Moonbeam headed down the aisle.
Now, it was time for Daddy Moonbeam and I to head down, one last picture outside.
Picture taken by Aunt Annie.
 And, we're off.
 Still going, but Mr. Moonbeam's in my sights now.
 The hand off.
Just a couple of steps to get to the altar (please no tripping).
And, we've arrived.  Up next the ceremony.

All photos taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me unless otherwise noted.

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