Monday, September 20, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: The Night Before

After the rehearsal dinner, we stopped off at the girl's cottage so that my bridesmaid's and I could choose which flowers we wanted in our bouquets.  Momma Moonbeam and I bought about $250 worth of flowers from HEB on Thursday afternoon and we just kept the flowers in buckets of water and left them on the front porch in the evening (it was cool out at night in November).

 We laid out garbage bags and just started out trimming all the extra foliage off.  There were sunflowers and lots of mums. 

There were more mums in tons of colors.

We also used a lot of filler, dried (and dyed) eucalyptus, million star, I think the green berries are called hypericum and I don't know what the yellow is called, but I really liked it.  

Then we left Momma Moonbeam, her best friend and my Aunt to bouquet making duties.

Thanks so much to Linda for heading up the flowers, she had a lot of helpers as well, but she's DIY-ed wedding flowers before and knew how to get them done.

Most of the bridal party (those of age anyway) headed out for a fun evening.  It was great to meet up with family and old friends from San Antonio, college and Seattle.  We started out chatting and catching up at a dive bar.  Then we headed out to a more lively bar for some dancing (I even got Mr. Moonbeam to dance with me for about 5 whole minutes).

Having a good time with my gals from Seattle.

And to round out the night, we hit up a taco truck before heading home for a few hours of beauty sleep.

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