Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Under the Harvest Moon: Getting Ready

I woke up way too early the morning of our wedding day.  No one was up and since our reception venue was steps away from the cottage I was staying in with my bridesmaid's I headed over to see it again.  Linda and her helpers had put most of the flowers in the venue refrigerator, so I checked out the centerpieces.  The tables and linens were being put up, but what I was most excited about was the fact that it was glorious and sunny.  It was a welcome change from the buckets of rain from the night before.

So, my ladies and I headed out to a huge breakfast at a local diner, everything really is bigger in Texas.  Then we went back to the cottage, checked out what was going on at the venue and did a little setting up.  Lots of family members were there lending helping hands, thanks again everyone.  Then Seattle 'maid tore me away from setting up and forced me to go and shower and start getting ready.  I showered, submitted some job applications (I was still unemployed at the time) and started to feel bridal.

I had great friends and family around

I had Cuz 'maid do my makeup, she may be younger, but she is far superior than me in her knowledge of makeup, hair and other things that some ladies know about.  She's a whiz at all the girly stuff and helped all the bridesmaids and myself out.  Thanks Megan!

I consulted with some friends before the wedding and came up with this makeup cocktail.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (light)

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation (color 300)

Bare Minerals Bronzer

Maybelline Superstay Gloss (color 105)

Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Whatever eyeshadow my cousin had on hand and that was it. I had my first facial a few days before the wedding, so my skin was feelin' good and in keeping with my standard style the makeup was pretty simple and clean.

For hair, I might have put some texture putty in my hair or not, don't remember.  But, to get the birdcage veil in there I took the advice of my old neighbor (a makeup artist and hair stylist).

Tease a tuft of hair for the veil comb to go into, spray it with hairspray and tease again, spray one more time and stick the veil comb in.  Then lay the veil where you want it, and hairspray it into shape.  It came out once when someone got a piece of it in the middle of a hug, but I stuck it back in and it stayed in place all  night.

After the prettification, we headed over to the church.

When we got there the rectory was buzzing.  Corsages and bouts were being handed out.  Flower girls were dressed (in Momma Moonbeam couture) and ready to go.

My cousin helped me behead some roses, so that those sweet little ladies could have some petals to throw around.

Grandma Moonbeam did a final pressing of my dress.

Photo by Aunt Annie

And my ladies were on hand to help me get into it!

Photo by Aunt Annie

The guys didn't get together to get dressed, but they were all at the church on time (unlike me) and ready to go.

A quick shot of Brother and Sister Moonbeam.  Brother Moonbeam even shaved without me asking him to!

Photo by Aunt Annie

And back to me... and my dress.  In all it's French-seamed-by-Momma-Moonbeam loveliness.

The requisite army of people to put the thing on without messing up hair and makeup.

Attaching the family heirloom lace train, it's removable so other ladies in my family can use it.  But I get to keep it, sorry first daughter's right.

Aunt Eileen putting on the heirloom necklace that I borrowed from Daddy Moonbeam's side of the family.

Then London 'maid helped me with my garter.

It started out innocently enough... and then giggles, lots of them.

A few pictures of me and my ladies.

Check out the flowers!  So bright and happy.

Taking a second with Momma Moonbeam.

Then it was a short walk to the church doors, where my littlest cousin met up with me.

And here is a gratuitous shot of my train and full skirt.

We had a few minutes outside as everyone started making their way inside, and pretty soon it was all gonna go down.

But since I had a few minutes to kill.

Aunt Annie took a couple of shots of my flowers, complete with embroidered handkerchief from Mr. Moonbeam's family.

And me.

All photos taken by John and Whitney Canales and edited by me unless otherwise noted.

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