Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shoes 2

In my last shoe post, I thought I was very into those blue Calvin Klein's, but the bottom had a very 'sturdy' sole. I know it's silly, but I wasn't digging the black rubber. I even found them in person and just didn't love them enough. You do have to kneel at Catholic weddings.

So the search continued, I tried Macy's, because I'm trying to save a few $$ at every step, but was thoroughly unimpressed. So, I headed over to Nordstrom's, my trusty source for super-fun flats. They might be a little pricier, but their junior's shoes are well priced and cute, and if I had to spend a little extra on my wedding shoes, I'd live.

I scoped the website first to see what I had in mind and found some great options.

I love the shoe jewelery look of these. And they're 'something blue'.
These pearls and ruffles are too sweet and romantic to not consider.
These also come in bronze and the jewels on them are a perfect match to my wedding colors. There's even a teal blue jewel in there.

Just an adorable bow to think about.
These jeweled ruffles are so cute and modern when done in metallic.

A fun pop of color and a great jewel.

After my search, I decided that some of my favorite brands are Kelsi Dagger and Jeffrey Campbell.

So, I headed out to Nordstrom's to try these on, I still fear online shoe shopping, I buy so many other things online, but just can't do it with clothes and shoes.

Nordstrom's doesn't carry all of their styles in the stores (like Kelsi Dagger, hmph), but I found three to try on that I loved, I was sitting there staring, calling and texting my Mom and I still came home with 2 pairs. Now I've got to decide. The third that I tried on and didn't buy is that jeweled ruffle metallic above. It fit well and was made well, but I fear elasticized heels, they tend to rub my skin off.

I couldn't find these ruffly ones online but, they're made by BC (because we can) and were $45 (see, junior's shoes). I love how feminine they are and they certainly fulfill my something blue.
These are the bronze versions of the ones shown above. There are purple, mustard and other fall colored jewels, including a dark teal to be my something blue.

So hive, ruffles or jewels?

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  1. really like the blue shoe you have on. it's such a darling blue color and the ruffles are so flirty and fun!!