Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Flower

I used some scraps of raw silk, silk chiffon, lace and some beads that I had lying around. I ended up not using the pearls pictured.
I took the silk and ironed on the first side of the two-sided iron on stuff.
Then I ironed the silk chiffon onto the other side. Since there is a very loose weave don't hold your iron there too long and let the adhesive seep through. That would get your iron dirty.
Then draw on some basic floral shapes with tailor's chalk.
Cut them out in various shapes and sizes. Snip, fold and pin the lace.
Pin them all in place. The iron on adhesive sort of made everything curl up, which kind of worked well since I was trying to figure out how to give the flower some shape.
Tack down all the layers. It gets kind of thick, so a thimble probably would have been handy.
Sew on some beads, I would put the thread through slip on about 4 or 5 beads and sew it down so that there would be a little bead loop when it was all said and done. This gave it a little bit of dimension.
Then I sewed it onto the birdcage veil that I bought from brenda's bridal veils on etsy.

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  1. great diy! i love how you used the lace to create the center most petals. it turned out beautifully :)