Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Good!

Alright, now that I've got all the bad off my chest, let's get to the good. I won't go into too much detail, so that I can save stuff for the recaps which will be a while from now, when I get the pro pics, but here goes.

The ceremony:
Though it was late and I goofed on the first kiss, it was absolutely perfect. Our priest did an amazing job, it was personal, he got the guests involved and everybody loved it. Even the non-Catholics didn't whine about how long it was. (Though I have no idea how long it was, I'm assuming that a full mass is longer than some are used to.) I couldn't have been happier with our decision to have the whole wedding in the LaCoste/Castroville area solely because of the priest.

My bridesmaids:
Sister MoH was there for me whenever I needed her and made my cake with her friend.
Little Cuz 'maid was a makeup and hair maven for all who needed it and helped me out with last minute projects whenever her class schedule would allow.
London 'maid traveled way far to be there with me and rocked out the dessert table and helped folks out with the photobooth. And a shout out definitely goes to London 'maid's momma, she was such a help.
Seattle 'maid also did some traveling and was there to take care of everything she could think of. This lady gets things done.
I could not have picked a better crew! And even though most of them had never met each other we all got along famously.

All the Ladies:
This is for those ladies that helped so much. Couldn't have pulled this off without Linda, Aunt Kay, Genni and Gerri, Aunt Eileen, Grandma MB and of course our Mom's.

My Dress:
Momma MB had it down to the wire, but she rocked it out and I can't wait to get a really great picture of it to post for you guys.

The BBQ:
Seattle 'maid had never had Texas bbq and was so looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint.

The dessert table:
I love the homespun look and almost everything was homemade. It all tasted fantastic and there was plenty for all.

The Grand March:
A Czech tradition that I was so glad to have included in our big day. Definitely a highlight, but since this deserves it's own post, I'll leave it for another day.

There were many more great things and for most of the evening I was really excited about everything, but I wanted to make sure you guys weren't left with a sour taste after that last post. So, now it will be some last minute projects and as soon as I get those pro pics, I'll start the recaps.

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  1. that is a whole lot of good! yay! love your happy faces and the dessert table is mouthwatering.