Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Night

Since this was our mini-wedding, we had a mini-moon. We spent our wedding night at The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica. It's an awesome 1930's art deco lovely right on Ocean Blvd. After our post wedding nap, we walked around the promenade and found some dinner, but we ended up choosing not the right place and as we weren't floored by it's awesomeness no need to mention it. But then we walked to whole foods to get some bubbly and some berries (we had leftover cake in the room). We got back to our room to find the bed turned down, chocolates on the nightstand and ice in the bucket. Perfect!
In the morning we went for a run on the beach, along the waterline. It was gorgeous! After that we met up with some family for breakfast at swingers. Yum.

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