Monday, July 13, 2009

November Rehearsal Dinner Dress


The one in the picture is too big, so I ordered a smaller size, unfortunately even that size was too big on top and since that doesn't work with a strapless dress it had to be returned. I did love the architectural pleating and the warm gray color, but if it doesn't fit and it's over $200 it goes back to the store.
After taking it back, I did a little more shopping and found this other Calvin Klein number and bought it at Nordstrom's big anniversary sale for $80. I really love it in general, but when I looked at the photo later, I looked pregnant, and I might have 'wobbly bits' but they're generally not in the belly area.
I was thinking some great yellow heels with it. I just like yellow and purple, others might say it clashes, I can only reply that I was born in the 80's. So this might become a shower dress, but I've already worn it twice (with yellow heels) since I bought it, therefore it's still a good dress.

In short, the search continues.

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