Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Close

Oh man! The family was in town the week before my July wedding and we did some sightseeing along with some wedding stuff. We scoped out fabric stores for wedding dress and flower girl fabrics and played around with flower making techniques.
These are organza with singed edges via this tutorial. I don't know if I had the wrong fabric content or just did it wrong, but they just burned at the edges, didn't curl up and left a bit of ash. So, I washed the ash off and dried them inside of small egg cups to shape them and that ended up working out.

On the tourist side of things, we did the San Diego Zoo yesterday, very cool place and they seem to have a private party area, if you're really into animals . We also did the beach and I've been showing the fam some of our favorite restaurants. Burgers at The Counter, hot dogs at Pink's, tacos at El Cholo. Oh, and a nice homecooked meal from my Uncle Jim. Homemade lasagna finished off by lemon cupcakes.

I called up Duke's just to check on my reservation and asked about their cake-cutting fee. They don't have one, so I can just bring in a cake and add a little something nice to the wedding, for very little $$$. Another thing I've looked into is a beach wheelchair for the grandparents. It's hard to walk on the sand and if I can make it so they don't have to, even better. You get them from the lifeguard stands at the major beaches, their first-come first-serve and you just leave a credit card for them to hold onto.

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