Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Starting off with Inspiration

The wedding will be quite the crafty affair, since I've been crafting all my life. There will be lots of Kraft paper with various stamping and printing effects, tons of fabric and some great ribbons. My Mother is a fabulous seamstress and will be using the lace from my Grandmothers wedding dress (my Mom also wore it.) It's from 1951 is entirely made out of lace and has an 11' cathedral train, I'm thinking I'll be able to harvest enough lace to cover my entire dress in it and still leave some for the other granddaughters.

Since I'm trained as an architect, I have a love for certain kinds of paper. Mainly trace paper, there is plain white and then there is butter paper, doesn't that name just sound delicious. It's a yellow hued trace paper that I'll be using along with the plain white to make flowers, invite belly bands and hopefully, a few other things also.

I also love Kraft paper and chipboard, I know it sounds odd, but if you glue together a bunch of layers of chipboard and then saw it and sand it like a block of wood it smells so good. It smells like the burnt wood of a winter fire.

If I could think of a nice way to incorporate basswood, I would, but I haven't found the right method for that yet.

Since I was raised by quilters and the wedding is in Texas, we'll probably have a bunch of quilts from Momma Moonbeam's vast collection strewn about the outdoor portion of our venue. There are wrought iron cafe tables and a gazebo outback, so hopefully people will wander out there.

In keeping with that downhome feel there will be a dessert bar with some homemade tasties and others bought from the local bakery, Haby's.

Here's a look at my pin-up board.

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