Friday, June 12, 2009

Save The Date How-To

Update: The embossing smears a bit during postage, so best to use this technique on something in an envelope. You live and you learn.

Find a fabulous photo of the two of you, cut out all background and then simplify in Photoshop using the stamp filter (duh). Mess with the settings, until you get it just so and then save as a .jpg or .pdf or whatever type of file your stampmaker wants. Take it to the stampmaker, I used ACE sign and stamp in Los Angeles, because it was on my way home from work. There are plenty of online companies for this. Send it off to be made, but just make sure the size of the stamp is correct for your save the date layout.

Get your layouts done in Photoshop or whatever program you feel comfortable in. Keep the top right corner clear for a stamp, only the address can go on the right side and the bottom of the postage side needs to be kept fairly clear or use light colors, for that barcode thing that gets put on during mailing. This is the link to a company that makes postcards, but it shows the guidelines. Be sure to keep the layers for easy editing and address changes. Find some fun fonts at

Print all the fronts and backs (meticulously changing the address each time). Then it's time for stamping.

I used watermark (clear) ink and rustique weather vane embossing powder on the chartreuse postcard size paper. I stamped thrice for a more graphic effect. Sprinkle the powder, flick off and save the excess. I did about 15 at a time. Then get out the heat gun and set all of the powder. I bought all of the supplies at Paper Source.

Find some 28 cent stamps and send them off.

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