Tuesday, June 23, 2009

July Wedding Board

Image credits: shoes dress necklace beach flowers ribbon cakes

Here's what's happening at the July wedding, super casual dress with beach mats laid out as seating and parasols (bought in Chinatown for around $3 each) and beach balls (yet to be found) strewn about. I'll be carrying some paper flowers I've been making, I'll post about it later. The beach is Point Dume in Malibu. I'll be using some of those 'deep ocean' ribbons to tie my bouquet and painting some flourishes on the parasols to add a little something. Then we go to Duke's in Malibu for lunch and we'll have some bundt cakes for dessert.

Easy casual wedding for about 20 guests. Helpful hint: you don't need a beach permit until you get over 50 guests, have a tent larger than 10x10, have amplified sound, catering or rentals. So as long as you stick with the KISS method, beach weddings are a snap.

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