Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After the Fact

So, we all know how I felt about our wedding photography, and I'm not going to rehash all of that, but I did still have to make parents photo books for Christmas (I used MyPublisher and the parents loved them), which meant I had to get some pictures done right.  I found Peter Steinhoff on a photography forum and contacted him to see if he could work some magic.  He did what he could to reduce some of the noise, remove the red lines and worked on correcting the color.

 I'm not going to show the original photo, because, quite frankly I feel that would be a bit mean, so I've shown a small portion of the following (from top to bottom) original, edited by John & Whitney Canales and edited by Peter Steinhoff.

The original is super dark, grainy and has that damn red line.  Their edit is black and white because they wouldn't give me color edits, even after I expressed my unhappiness with all the black and white photos.  The edit from Peter is clearer, sufficiently lightened and the color is true, the line has also been removed.

 Edited by John & Whitney Canales.  The line is still there, it's just white and the picture is super grainy.

Edited by Peter Steinhoff, no it's not perfect, but in my opinion it's a miracle considering the starting point.

Because of the cost associated with editing, I only got the pictures of the bridal party walking down the aisle, I did my best to edit the other photos on my own.  I got these photos back after I recapped this portion of the wedding so they didn't get to make their blogging debut until today.

Another edit by Peter Steinhoff

No, it's not the ideal way to get wedding photos, which is why I would certainly recommend finding a reputable and experienced photographer in the first place.  Please, learn from my mistakes, but know that if you find yourself in the same situation, there is hope.  Miracles can't happen, but pictures can  get to a place that makes you happy.

If you'd like to contact Peter, he can be reached at

All images taken by John & Whitney Canales, editors are noted.

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