Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gifts For Those That Wore What We Told Them To

Mr. Moonbeam got his guys flasks with their initials monogrammed on them. It's standard, I know, but the guys loved them and used them immediately. We picked up ours at Things Remembered.

Mr. Moonbeam's brother (his best man) got the deluxe kit below. It came in a nice box and we had his first name put on the plaque.

My ladies got some cute little items from Ulta along with some bronze necklaces from Macy's. Ulta was having a sale and you could pick up stocking stuffers at the great price of 5 for $5. They got lotion, a mini make-up brush kit, nail polish, lip gloss and a nail file.
Look at these awesome necklaces, I really should have bought some for myself.
I might have to use some of those leftover gift cards on this.

The flower girls got these adorable little purses, they match nothing and I didn't care. I picked them up at Claire's for 8 bucks each. They were filled with some Ulta loot as well: sparkly silver nail polish, a mirror, some lip gloss and very pale eyeshadow (don't want those little kiddies looking too made up.) The older girls also got an awesome candy necklace kit and the littlest flower girl got some Dora the Explorer candy. The candy necklace kit was such a big hit, my bridesmaids were a tad jealous.
And the ringbearer got a travel Scrabble set. I simply had no idea what sort of wedding-related gift to get for a boy, so I just got him something he'd like.
Pic by Aunt Annie

Since he made his Grandpa dig right in, I think it was a good choice.

In the end, they were pretty standard gifts, but at that final push, you're too tired to reinvent the wheel and everyone seemed pretty pleased.

Anyone else have trouble gifting boys/men? I never have a clue.

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