Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moonbeam says Goodnight (because Goodbye is too hard)

Well Hive, this whole wedding process has certainly had it's ups and downs, but the positivity of this place (as ethereal as it may be) has helped me to focus on the ups.

Pictures taken by John & Whitney Canales, Aunt Annie & Uncle Chris, edited by me

So, thank you, Hive, for forcing me to find the positives.  It's pretty embarrassing to put it all out there pre-game and then be too unhappy with the end result to put it up.  Blogging forced me to focus on the stuff I was happy with, and since weddings are never perfect, it's a great thing to focus on.

We've had a pretty full life since our wedding(s) and I'm excited about all we have in store over the next few years.

I got a job (like a week after the wedding, perfect timing)!  And it takes me to far-flung places sometimes.

iPhone shot of my morning run in front of the Louvre on a business trip

We did the Malibu triathlon last year, Mr. MB's second, my first.

 Another iPhone shot right before the race started and we had to get in the cold, cold ocean, I'm not showing you the 'after' picture, I have standards (I mean, they're not high, but still)

We went to Europe for 2 weeks to see some of our friends tie the knot.

So, so fun

We moved to a new apartment and got to paint!

Some beachy California colors for the new place

We celebrated both of our anniversaries, because it's fun to have an extra one.

After brunch by the beach for our summer anniversary

And, we even negotiated Christmas between two families and two cities this year, no small feat.

That's right, Hive, Christmas morning bed-head! (See, the standards aren't that high)

Anyhoo, you can follow along at my post-wedding blog.  My Name is Eileen: And I'm a Girl With Too Many Interests.  As you might guess, it covers a bunch of different things.  So far I've got travel, baking, paper crafts, sewing, running stuff, decorator-type things and this...

because he was shaving and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

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