Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making the Dress, part 3

So, we had the materials and a mockup and then I finally met up with Momma MB in Texas and we got down to business.
I stood around like this a lot. I spent 3 days straight in leggings, with a stick on bra taped to me with painter's tape (so that we wouldn't waste the stickiness) and a tank top, so that I could easily turn into a human dress form at a moment's notice.

It looks easy, but it's actually quite tiring. Anyhoo, many subtle reshaping of pattern pieces later, we ended up with this top. Momma MB did french seams on this lovely, so everything was perfect.

So, small and insignificant when compared to the ridiculous amount of fabric in this skirt.

Here are the two pieces put-together, waiting for the finishing touches.

And this is Momma MB after she fell asleep hand-stitching the horsehair braid at the hem. It helps the skirt to keep it's shape. It was something like 7+ yards (that's 21+ feet) around the circumference of the bottom of the skirt and she had to do it twice! For those using it, you have to stretch the horsehair braid as you sew, so that when you turn it under it fits your hem correctly.

And here's the lovely train, with all of the lace left intact.

You'll notice that the train is detachable for any other cousins who would like to just use the train. The buttons are from that same heirloom dress that the lace came from, and below is the simplest bustle ever. There's a simple loop strategically placed in the middle of the lace and you just hook it around the center button.

And there's the dress, I can't wait for the pro-pics so I can see it all done up.

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